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Minimalist Design, Maximized Performance

EDGE is 2019 brand new mopping robot of EVERYBOT. Projecting mop pads easily clean up edges of floor with less noise.
Experience powerful mopping performance with EDGE.



No blind spot
Projecting mop pads clean up corners and edges of floor to a nicety.


Powerful cleaning performance
Cleans the floor by its full weight as it has no wheel and two powerful 5,700RPM motors can capture harmful fine dust and eliminate scribbling in floor.


Low noise design enables relax operating even in a night time.


Smart sensors for safety
The obstacle sensor allows smarter cleaning and the cliff detection sensor prevents the robot dropping down to floor.


Continuous wet mop
Continuous wet mop cleaning by auto water supply system. So user does not need to wet mops during its operation time.


Remote control with 9 cleaning modes
Remote control supplies 9 different cleaning modes such as Auto/ Edge/ Focus cleaning. User can choose and play the suitable mode according to the situation.


Product Name EDGE Mopping Robot Cleaner
Size 327(W) x 165(D) x 136(H) mm
Weight 1.6 kg
Rated Voltage 11.1V / 2150 mAh
Power Consumption 27Wh
Cleaning Type Dual-Spin Mop Cleaning
Cleaning Mode Auto, Edge, Focus, Intensive, Y-pattern, Step, Manual, 50min, Handy
Operating Sensors Anti-collision, Impact, Cliff and Illumination detection sensor
Safety Sensors Lift, Motor overload, and Battery overcharge detection sensor
Battery Li-ion Battery
Charging Time 100 minutes (Full-discharged: 150 minutes)
Operating Time 100 minutes
Remote Control IR Remote Control
Manufacturer EVERYBOT / Made in Korea

Contact E-mail : sales2@everybot.net